Hi everybody and welcome to my Health and Fitness website. My mother often said, “Your health is your wealth” and boy was she right. We all know that money is important in this life. But without good health life is not worth living.

Back in 2017 I fell off a ladder and ruptured my spleen, I had to have a lifesaving operation to have it remove. I survived the operation and slowly regained my health. I must take antibiotics to fight infection because I no longer have a spleen.

They say, “It takes a great man to prevent a catastrophe, but a greater man to make use of one”. Well I like to think I have achieved the latter, by trying to think positive, diet and exercise.


I am lucky to be alive in this beautiful world. Now I want to give bank something and try to help others.

Over the years I have learned from many health-conscious people how to lose weight and learn what is the right food to eat. A healthy diet is so important, we all know these things.

But trying to stick to losing weight and eating the right food is not easy. I will help you here, I want to motivate and guide you through this maze so that you can achieve your goals.


I created this website to help people improve their health and lose weight.  With my help you will be very surprised at how easy it can be. I will teach you the good habits that will help you on your road to a happy healthier you.

Founder of www.bestnewhealth.com

All the best,



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