When people think about doing exercise, they think about how to get in shape. But often, getting started is not a problem. Keeping it up is the big problem.

Everybody knows we should be doing more to keep fit, but how do we keep going when our motivation decreases. Sometimes it feels like life is getting in your way and blocking all your dreams.

Individual mental health motivation or lack thereof is only part of the big picture. Parental demands, money or even where you live can be an obstacle. Fitness motivation quotes will not replace tiredness, depression, stress at work or sick family members that can impact on your physical activity.

If you have a lot of support, it will be easier to maintain physical activity. What part of the country you live in, may help you feel more comfortable doing physical activities outdoors than in other locations.


You must be realistic.flat-belly-food

Forget about the idea of going to the gym five or six days a week. Be analytical about work and family needs when you start, because if you set very big goals, you will fail and feel like a failure. At the end of each week, you should always reflect on what worked and what did not. Maybe going for a walk during lunch would work, especially if you feel you will not have the energy after work to do it.


Find a purpose.

Like doing something that allows you to exercise while setting other goals will help. It gives more satisfaction and the costs of not doing so are higher. For example, cycling or walking to work or making friends by joining a sports club or simply running with a friend helps to achieve your goal.

Try to combine physical activity with something else. For example, at your workplace, don’t use the elevator and try to reduce email, when possible approach people. During the day try to get as much physical activity as possible to achieve your goals.


Do not depend on willpower.

If you need willpower to do something, you really don’t want to do, you will fail. Instead, think of exercise in terms of why we do it, and what we want to get out of physical activity. How can I benefit today, how do I feel when I move, and how do I feel after moving?


Making it a habit.

When you first start running, it can feel tiring walking out the door, where are your shoes? Your water bottle? Which path will you follow?After a while, there are no more costs associated with the activity. Regular physical activity and planning helps to make it sustainable.


Exercise at homemoderate-exercise
If you have caring responsibilities, you can do a lot in a small area of your home. In the living room, it’s easy to do a routine where you can alternate between doing an exercise for the legs and your arms. It is called peripheral cardiac action training.

When doing six or eight exercises, this effect of going between the upper and lower body produces a strong increase in metabolism and cardiovascular training. Try squats, push-ups, lunges and triceps. You are increasing your heart rate, exercising your muscles and doing a good general workout. This takes no more than 15 to 20 minutes and only requires a chair for triceps dips.


Don’t smoke, if you do try to stop.moderate-exercise
Smoking or using tobacco is one of the most important risk factors for the development of heart disease. However, the good news is that the risk of coronary heart disease is significantly reduced one year after quitting and almost reduced to that of a non-smoker in approximately 15 years.

No matter how long you have smoked, you will start reaping rewards as soon as you stop smoking.
Quitting smoking is a process that can take a long time. You should seek help from people who have given up the habit. It is recommended that you contact your local cancer society for help.


Plan and prioritize.

If you do not have time to exercise. For many people, they work two jobs or have extensive care responsibilities. It could be a matter of priorities. The first is ‘action planning’, where you plan where, when and how you will exercise. You then try to follow the plan.

The second type of plan is ‘coping’, anticipating the things that can get in the way and creating a plan to motivate yourself again. Most people do not allow themselves to prioritize self-care behaviors, such as exercise.


Take it slowly after pregnancy.
Listen to your body – and your doctor’s advice at your six-week postnatal check-up. After a caesarean section, returning to exercise will be slower, while pregnancy-related back injuries and abdominal muscle problems affect how quickly you can return to training and may require physical therapy.

After walking and having a little more energy, depending on where you were before (some women never trained before pregnancy), starting to exercise after a baby is a massive task.

It takes time and effort to get your stomach flat again. Remember to take care of yourself and take care of your baby. When you’re feeling a bit more energised, slowly get back into your routine. Start off with stuff like walking and carrying your baby.

Going for walks and meeting neighbours who want to see you and your new baby is very gratifying. So, enjoy your very special time with your new baby.


Winter is not an excuse.flat-belly
Winter is not necessarily a time to hibernate. Think positive, put your trainers near the door and try not to think about the cold, drizzle and grayness.

Going to the gym can trigger that voice in our head, that make us feel like it’s a hassle. But once you’re there, you think: ‘Why was I procrastinating about that for so long?”


Keep it short and sharp.
A workout doesn’t have to take an hour. A well-structured 15-minute workout can be effective if you really are pressed for time. As for regular, longer sessions, tell yourself you’re going to make time and change your schedule accordingly. Check out books with titles like best self-motivation for some additional help. After all it is all about self-motivation, the fact that you have read to here proves you have that motivation.

I hope you enjoyed this article and if you have any questions or want to leave your own personal comments. Please leave it in the comment box below.

Thank you for reading.

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    A really good article on staying fit. I especially agree with the idea of leaving trainers near the door so as to maintain motivation. You cover a lot of reasons for as to why people struggle to exercise consistently such as struggling with time but you provide the solution of ‘action planning’. A really helpful article.

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