People often wonder “what can I do to live longer”, here I have tried to answer some of these questions. So, let’s get started.

Live longer without starving yourself.

Calorie restriction means to consume around 30% fewer calories than what is considered a normal amount. This activates certain genes, which manufacturer natural chemicals that fight the aging process within your cells.moderate-exercise

However, not many people want to spend a lifetime on a strict diet just to gain a few extra years of life. But research has shown that the same gene activated by calorie restriction can also be activated by using certain chemicals called “calorie restriction mimetics” i.e. compounds that give you the same benefit of a calorie restricted diet. But without the need to go on a diet.

Calorie restriction treatment works by activating the SIR2 gene, a crucial life extending gene.

One of these compounds is resveratrol. It turns out that resveratrol activates the SIR2 gene. Research shows that, in yeast, resveratrol stimulates the SIR2 gene and strengthens the DNA which extends a lifespan by as much as 70 per cent.

There are several scientific studies that support the use of resveratrol as an alternative to a lifelong diet in order to increase lifespan. If these studies turn out to be correct it would mean that compounds like resveratrol are not only effective against heart disease and cancer, but also against the ageing process itself, helping us to live longer.

resveratrol supplements are available as an alternative to those who do not drink red wine. Take one 5 milligram capsule once a day for the prevention of heart disease, cancer and other age-related diseases. As a treatment, the dose is increased to 5 mg three times a day.

In addition to resveratrol, red grapes contain another health-giving ingredient that is found in the substance that gives all dark coloured berries and grapes their colour. It is called anthocyanins. Red grapes and mulberries are full of these anti-ageing antioxidants, which help fight harmful free radicals.

Anthocyanins protect your arteries by preventing the plaque build-up on your artery walls that can lead to heart disease.

You should eat fruit and vegetables every day, try to eat the recommended five servings of fruit and vegetables a day.

Slow down age-related mental decline by eating or more vegetables.

Living a longer healthier life begins with a healthy diet.

Researchers have found that eating two or more servings a day of vegetables can help slow the age-related decline in cognitive function by up to 40% compared with a person who consumes few vegetables. A 40 per cent decrease in cognitive function is about equivalent to being five yours younger.

Eating green leafy vegetables has the strongest effect in slowing the rate of cognitive decline. Research has found that the older a person is the greater the slowdown in the rate of cognitive decline if they eat more than tow servings of vegetables a day. And that is good news.

Eat fatty acids to stay youthful.

Saturated fats such as, butter, lard and fatty meets can raise blood fat levels, which causes damage to the heart and arteries. Other types of fats are essential for your diet and needed for stamina and brain function. They help build hormones, keep your skin soft and wrinkle free and your weight down. These healthy fats known as “monounsaturated” fats can be found in olive oil, rapeseed oil, avocados and nuts. They help lower LDL bad cholesterol levels.flat-belly-food

You also need omega-3 essential fatty acid and linolenic acid (LNA), an omega-6 essential fatty acid. To get these oils take one or two tablespoons of hemp seed oil a day. Keep it in the fridge to stay fresh. If like fish such as salmon, mackerel, sardines, trout and haddock, you will get lots of omega 3. However, nuts and seed are also rich in oils.

Nuts are full of protein and are a good source of healthy fats and contain all the vitamins including anti-ageing antioxidants and minerals. Studies have shown that eating nuts at least five times per week can reduce your risk of getting heart disease by 25 per cent. Also, if you eat peanuts and peanut butter you can experience a 10% reduction in triglycerides (natural fats and oils) levels, such as LDL cholesterol, which has been linked to the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Monitoring your portions can help you live longer.

Follow these tips to benefit from the “eating less helps you live longer” research without starving yourself.

Try to eat only when you’re hungry and stop eating as soon as you feel satisfied. Even if you still have food left on your plate. Quality proteins link chicken and oily fish will help keep you feeling satisfied for longer.

Monitor your portions by serving meals on smaller plates.

Make sure you are drinking plenty of water, up to eight glasses a day, as hunger can signal dehydration rather than actual hunger for food. Keep sipping even if you don’t feel thirsty as age causes the mechanism that makes you feel thirsty to become less effective. In addition, you need to keep your skin hydrated to prevent it from becoming dry and wrinkled. For this reason, keep clear of dehydrating caffeinated drinks.

Chew your food thoroughly as this makes it easier for enzymes in your body to breakdown the food you are eating into energy that’s needed to keep you going. This ensures that you are not using up more enzymes than is necessary, remember, dwindling enzyme reserves are linked to speeding up the aging process.

Avoid snacking in between meals to prevent the pounds from creeping on and never skip breakfast. If you do get hungry between meals, have a piece of fruit, pumpkin, sesame and sunflower seeds, in particular, contain natural anti-aging substances. Keep raw vegetable sticks or raisins handy.

Finish your last meal of the day at least three hours before bedtime. This prevents weight gain and digestive problems like heartburn.

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